We believe people should be able to work effectively in their office, with space to collaborate as they need to and focus when required, free from distractions.

Even though good acoustic conditions are viewed as one of the most important features of an office (see recent Leesman surveys) by the people that use them, noise conditions continue to be one of the least supported elements of an office environment. 

Most offices in the UK are designed to satisfy the acoustic guidelines issued by the British Council for Offices and the advice in British Standard 8233: 2014 ‘Guidance on sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings’. For open plan offices, ISO 22955: 2021 ‘Acoustics — Acoustic quality of open office spaces’ contains guidance which is of particularly relevance in relation to the modern office design encompassing activity based working. Further excellent guidance has been provided by the Finishes and Interiors Sector within ‘A Guide to Office Acoustics’.

Our team have helped clients such as Great Portland Estates, Multiplex and BT and have contributed to award winning developments, including London Wall Place, Hanover Square, 240 Blackfriars Road and the European Space Agency offices in Harwell.

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