Mar 07 2024 / Blog

Approved Document O – Measurement of Noise Levels

Approved Document O contains standards for noise at night in bedrooms. The overheating strategy submitted with the Building Regulations application should take account of these noise standards. However, Approved Document O also contains reference to proving compliance with the noise standards by measurement.

Our Director, James Healey, is an expert in noise assessments for overheating designs and co-authored the national guidance documents ‘Acoustics, Ventilation and Overheating: Residential Design Guide’, the Future Homes Hub Document ‘Part O Technical Guide’ and the ‘Guide to Demonstrating Compliance with the Noise Requirements of Approved Document O’.

James was invited by the organisers of the recent Institute of Acoustics event to outline a suggested method if required to demonstrate compliance by measurement. It’s the industries recommendation and our suggested approach that compliance is proven at design stage only. However, if a measurement is requested, this method could be used. See below a link to the presentation.

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