Jul 10 2024 / Blog

ANC Award Winners 2024

We are proud to announce that Peninsular Acoustics won not one, but two awards at the Annual Acoustic Awards 2024.

We were honoured to be named winner of the ‘Smaller Consultancies: The Patrick Shortt Award’, and joint winner of the ‘Innovation Award’ together with Apex Acoustics.

The results were announced during the ANC conference on Wednesday 3rd July 2024 and were presented to us by the ANC chair Louise Beamish.


The Innovation Award 

The purpose of the Innovation Award is to show recognition of the unique skills of acoustic and noise professionals in the UK.

It highlights and promotes demonstrations of originality and ingenuity within the sector.

It was awarded jointly to Peninsular Acoustics and Apex Acoustics for our collaborative work on Aligning Acoustic and Thermal models for Partially Open Windows. The research undertaken has demonstrated by theory and field trials that one term, Equivalent Area, can be used to define limits for open window performance, both for sound insulation and air flow. We have therefore unlocked a language barrier, enabling acousticians and thermal modellers to communicate using one parameter.

As a noteworthy contribution from Peninsular Acoustics, our Director, James Healey conveyed his expert guidance to fellow professionals with a talk about ‘Progressing towards a simplified model for partially open windows. (See below for a link to his commentary on Open Windows, together with Jack Harvie-Clark).

Our Director, James Healey, commented “Our joint effort in aligning acoustic and thermal models for partially open windows has not only broken new ground but also bridged a crucial communication gap. By defining limits using the Equivalent Area term, we’ve empowered acousticians and thermal modellers to speak a common language. This award recognizes our commitment to innovation and practical solutions.”


Smaller Consultancies: The Patrick Shortt Award

This award, which commended our work on Watery Lane, gives recognition to the valuable influence and contributions that firms with 6 or less acoustic staff make to the industry.

For our Watery Lane Project, we used the research for which we won the Innovation Award, along with our partner company UK Overheating, to maximise the use of an open window in the thermal modelling, avoiding mechanical ventilation in 25% of flats that would otherwise have had it specified. This meant a significant saving in terms of cost, embodied carbon and operational carbon for the client.

Our senior consultant, Adam Walker, said “The Patrick Shortt Award celebrates our work on Watery Lane—a testament to the impactful contributions made by smaller consultancies. By skilfully applying our award-winning research, we optimised open window usage in thermal modelling.”

Our client, Brett McGee, Head of Innovation and Lead Design Manager, Sama Investment Group, commented “We work with Peninsular Acoustics due to their innovative and practical approach to assessments. Our Watery Lane site is a prime example of city centre living, near to transport routes. 

They knew exactly what to do from the moment they started. They assessed the noise environment and, in collaboration with UK Overheating, have provided a viable and sensible overheating strategy. 

We could have faced considerable cost due to the noise exposure and need to mitigate overheating, but their approach to using innovative research such as their alignment of acoustic and thermal modelling for open windows has meant we have a design that can mitigate overheating without introducing any additional cost to the development.”